Aluminium fireboat with FiFi Equipment

Training and Testing of the Aluminum Search & Rescue and Fire Fighting Boat that we deliver to the Airport of Mauritius and the Coast Guard.


barco de salvamento y contraincendios en aluminio

The delivery of the aluminum Search & Rescue and firefighting Boat for the Airport of Mauritius (AML) included a training programme and technical support on site. A team of AISTER moved to the jewel of the Indian Ocean to show the Coast Guard of Mauritius the operation of the boat and test their skills in the field, in a unique experience in which the treatment of the hosts was the greatest reward.

The training lasted five days and took place in the area of Blue Bay, in the south of the country, where the Airport of Mauritius (AML) is located. Our team trained the attendees in the different areas of the boat: the pilot’s station, the crew members in charge of the rescue maneuvers, those responsible for the surveillance tasks as well as the maintenance. We appreciate the response of local agents during the training, being proud to have worked with them.

The collaboration of the staff of the Airport of Mauritius (AML) and the Coast Guard team was full during AISTER’s stay on the island. The main source of income for Mauritius is tourism, thanks to its wild nature, which makes its airport a major international terminal connecting Africa, Europe and Asia and therefore a key element in its economy.

barco de salvamento y contraincendios en aluminio


During the five days of training, 40 local agents from the Coast Guard team of Mauritius participated, and AISTER was able to respond to the problems and adversities that arose. The aluminum Search & Rescue and fire-fighting boat was first tested in the bay, where navigation was smooth. In those shallow waters area the boat was able to access without any problem thanks to the design of our technical team.

To show the full capabilities of the boat, we then proceeded to sail out of the reef, where the AISTER and Coast Guard teams encountered two-meter waves and high wind conditions, showing the boat to be excellent.

barco de salvamento y contraincendios en aluminio


From AISTER explain to the Coast Guard team the proper maintenance of the aluminum Search & Rescue and fire-fighting boat to increase the vessel lifetime as long as possible. Applying the appropriate maintenance plan recommended from the shipyard is key factor for that matter.

AISTER’s work did not end in Mauritius, but continues. The shipyard’s team does not disconnect to the project and we continue to contact the owner to provide technical support and guarantees of the boat.

barco de salvamento y contraincendios en aluminio


This aluminum construction was produced through a public tender by the Airport of Mauritius (AML), the ship’s owner. The contract included training. Our team arrived with the aluminum Search & Rescue and fire-fighting boat in Port Louis, the capital of the archipelago. From there we moved it by road to Blue Bay, about 60 kilometers to the southeast of the country. A special trailer with a capacity of 7,000 kilos was used to transport the boat. Thanks to the collaboration of local agents, the shipment was completed, successfully overcoming the difficulties inherent in the job.

AISTER we are an aluminum shipyard, located in the Ria de Vigo specializing in the construction of aluminum boats, which offers custom designs that meet the needs of our customers, with a team with extensive experience in the naval sector.