Trabajos de habilitación naval y aislamiento térmico en el buque ARGOS CIES

Marine interior and outfitting in the trawler ARGOS CIES, built in Nodosa


AISTER has completed the marine interior and outfitting work in the vessel C. 288, called ARGOS CIES, the new freezer trawler built in Nodosa Shipyard, located in Marín, Pontevedra.

Trabajos de habilitación naval y aislamiento térmico en el buque ARGOS CIES

The vessel of 74 meters in length, 14 meters in beam and power of 1×3000 kW has an interior design adapted to the typology of the vessel and the place where it will develop its activity, squid fishing in the Malvinas Islands with MONTEFERRO trawler, made in the same shipyard and also built by our marine interior and outfitting department the last year.

The ARGOS CIES belongs to Grupo Pereira Shipping Company and highlights for two key features that differentiate it from other trawlers: On the one hand, the latest technology in positioning equipment and fishing electronics and, in the other hand, the interior design of the vessel, adapted so that the crew, formed by 48 people, can enjoy the same comforts as on land safely and comfortably during the campaign.

Turn-Key marine interior and outfitting

The Shipowner has hired the construction to Nodosa, which has outsourced us the marine interior and outfitting of all spaces of the vessel: cabins, mess rooms, galleys, cold stores, laundries, toilets, hallways…

Habilitación naval de camarotes

Moreover to these spaces, in AISTER we have also provided the design and construction of the trawler’s wheelhouse and workspaces, including the insulation works in all of them.

Habilitación naval global en arrastreros

The scope of the marine interior and outfitting works reaches about 665 square meters including the following aspects:

Interior design and construction drawings

We have made the interior design project with different proposals for the distribution of rooms, the location of furniture and combination of colours according to the indications of the shipyard and the Shipowner.

Marine Interiors Design in Trawlers


We have supplied and installed fire-resistant, thermal and acoustic insulation in bulkheads and decks. We also do insulation works in cold stores.

Marine interiors in cold stores


Next, we supply and install the bulkheads according to the requirements of the technical specification (class A, B or C) and, for wet areas, different PVC and INOX finishes. We also carry out the supply and installation of registers in bulkheads and methacrylate screens.

Marine interiors bulkheads


We have placed the interior doors in the trawler according to requirements of the technical specification of class A, B or C with PVC or INOX finishes. We have also made the installation of all types of door accessories such as locks, electronic locks, retainers…

Habilitación naval en puertas


We have supplied and installed the ceilings according to the requirements established in the technical specification (class A, B or C) and with PVC or INOX finishes.

Marine interiors mess room


We placed all PVC flooring, imitation wood in dry areas, and epoxy or ceramic resin in wet areas.

Marine Interiors Galley


The ARGOS CIES toilets have been built in-situ with all kinds of accessories: showers, toilets, furniture and bathroom, accessories such as mirrors, soap dishes, curtains, etc.

Habilitación naval en aseos


Supply and installation of carpentry work related to windows such as panelling, mouldings, curtains, solar curtains, etc.

Habilitación naval en ventanas


We have designed, supplied and installed wooden furniture (beds, berths, desks, shelves, tables, chairs, etc.) in cabins, wheelhouses, mess rooms, etc. In galleys and laundries, we supply and install stainless steel furniture, easy to clean, maintain and highly resistant.

Marine interiors cabin

Decorative elements

At this point, we placed all decorative items as skirting boards, handrails, roof mouldings, paintings, signage, door signs, coat racks, TV stands, wastebaskets, etc. on the vessel.

Habilitación naval llave en mano


When the marine interior work finished, a professional company cleaned all the spaces of the vessel with machinery and special products.

Habilitación naval comedor

Know-how in marine interiors and outfitting

The ARGOS CIES is the last trawler that we have delivered but, during our 30 years of experience, we have built marine interior and outfitting works in more than 60 vessels of different types: oceanographic, passenger ferries, tuna vessels, trawlers…